Every deteil counts



Your team is located in a real institution (for example, theater, school, office) that has its own history. You must find a way out within a certain time (1-2 hours). Here you will find hidden keys, decipher codes and solve puzzles. If the team does not know what to do next, they receive small hints from the game administrator. The main goal is to find the key to the locked main entrance and escape from there.

2. I have never played LIVE ESCAPE GAME, what do I need to know and be able to do?

The scenarios of the games are specially designed so that everyone can participate without exception - with any level of education, physique, talents, field of activity, etc. All you need to pass is ingenuity, logic, resourcefulness and attention to detail.

3. What is the use of such a game?

Live escape game is, first of all, an excellent training of logic, memory and ingenuity. In addition, the exciting plot and game form of such a workout will bring a lot of pleasant emotions, taking you away from the gray days. The game will charge you with not a small dose of endorphins. Good mood and unforgettable impressions will be with you for a long time. Such adventures are excellent for bringing people together, and therefore are ideal for family holidays, team building and simple communication with friends. If you want to get to know a person better, just play LIVE ESCAPE GAME together.

4. What is prohibited?

- To pass the game you do not need to apply physical force. And use cognitive rather than physical abilities.

- Flashlights / screwdrivers / master keys / bolt cutters and other items that somehow affect the passage of the game cannot be brought into the rooms.

- During the game, any photo and video shooting is prohibited.

- Participants in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication are not allowed to play.

- Smoke, bring food and alcoholic beverages

- Animals must stay outside

5. What languages is the game played in?

German, English and Russian.

6. My team is over (under) the recommended number of players...

Send us a request and we will find an individual solution for you!

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