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  • Split personality

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    Participants:Game price:Per person:
    2 persons:€ 68.00€ 34.00
    3 persons:€ 96.00€ 32.00
    4 persons:€ 120.00€ 30.00
    5 persons:€ 140.00€ 28.00
    6 persons:€ 156.00€ 26.00
    7 persons:€ 168.00€ 24.00
    8 persons:€ 176.00€ 22.00

  • Split personality

    Authentic praxis
    Erftstraße 10, Düsseldorf
    • 60 min
    • 2-8
    • 14
    • 35 min

    You are a group of students at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Düsseldorf who are practicing with Nora Reger, the most famous psychologist & psychiatrist in Germany. Its main specificity is the treatment of people who suffer from a split personality. Last night, Reger was killed by one of her patients and found dead in her own office. All suspicions fall on you, because you are the last who came out yesterday from her office. This can be confirmed by neighbors who saw you and turned to the police. In an hour you need to find a proof of your innocence and get out of the sealed crime scene before the police arrive! 

    The police are on their way…

    P.S. Based on a true story